Jennifer Stark believes that the broad range of challenges facing Claremont will require dedication, engagement and hard work from the entire city government and community. As such, no effective City Council member should be tied to a single issue. Jennifer is dedicated to putting in that hard work. Whether you’ve lived here for months, years, or decades, Jennifer Stark wants Claremont to be a supportive and safe foundation for you to pursue the life you dream of. 


The services and programs we enjoy are what make our community special, but our aspirations need to be balanced with a forward-thinking budget. This means we need to develop new sources of revenue, such as attracting new businesses that support our vision of Claremont and add to our city’s unique charm. Past generations have laid the foundation for our thriving civic life by investing in our community, our environment, and our human services. Claremont attracts exceptionally qualified professionals to run our city, and it’s important that Claremont be not only a great place to live, but also a great place to work. Economic, social and environmental sustainability are high priorities, and they must be balanced with the needs of everyone in the community. Climate change and population growth pose huge challenges that we will need to face—and fund. As a city, we need to decide what we value and what we’re willing to pay for. Making these decisions together will require listening, communicating and making hard decisions. The collective intelligence of our community, coupled with clear communication, will allow us to effectively make those choices.

Housing and Homelessness

Claremont has a role to play in addressing these complex issues facing Los Angeles county, California, and the nation. Jennifer Stark is passionate about advocating for housing that will accommodate Claremont residents and attract new families. Homelessness is a humanitarian crisis that affects all aspects of a community, not just those without homes. We all must put our efforts into this work if we have any chance to solve the problem. Claremont’s Human Services Department has worked tirelessly to develop our Community Response to Homelessness plan, one of several steps that put us in the position to take advantage of funding from Measure H (a tax in L.A. County to deal with homelessness). Our neighboring communities have been hit hard by homelessness, and Jennifer intends to continue deepening relationships with nearby agencies and cities to develop strong, effective and efficient networks.

Police & Public Safety

An effective local police force is an integral part of maintaining the safe and supportive environment that is Claremont. Our force is unique in that it consists of many Claremont residents and officers who grew up here. That strong connection supports the type of community policing that the police department values and to which Jennifer Stark is dedicated. The mutual commitment between the community and law enforcement is a part of Claremont Police Department’s mission to strengthen public partnerships and collaborative efforts to not only tackle and prevent crime, but also to engage proactively with social issues.

The police station is in severe disrepair. It is unacceptable to Jennifer that the infrastructure our police force relies on to protect us is so pitifully inadequate. Jennifer will continue to advocate strongly for a new police station. A new center for police operations is a wise investment for our community, and is necessary in order for Claremont to retain control of our own police force.

Our Trees and Wild Spaces

As a volunteer member of Sustainable Claremont and a Certified Tree Steward, Jennifer feels a deep connection to Claremont’s urban forest of over 23,000 trees. Those trees, so iconic and emblematic of Claremont, face many challenges in the months and years to come. Drought, climate change, invasive species and disease have already significantly stressed the trees, which need dedicated care in order to recover and thrive. The Claremont Wilderness Park is a regional gem that provides rare access to wide-open wild expanses of native chaparral ecology—right in our backyard. Jennifer believes that conscientious planning, care and maintenance are the way to ensure that our city’s beautiful canopy and wild green spaces are preserved and enhanced for our children’s children and beyond.


Moving efficiently and safely within our community and throughout southern California has long been a challenge—one that becomes even greater as we face population growth and climate change in the 21st Century. As a Commissioner of Traffic and Transportation for Claremont, Jennifer Stark is invested in sustainable transportation, and has worked hard to develop a deep understanding of the challenges at hand. The extension of the Gold Line to Claremont will greatly benefit our city and the wider community. Jennifer’s vision for Claremont includes an environmentally sound and safe transportation network of trains, light rail, and city streets to accommodate cars, bikes and pedestrians to meaningfully provide connectivity within Claremont and the region beyond.

Southern Expansion of the Village

Jennifer enthusiastically supports the plans underway to expand the village southward, and she is acutely aware of the need for efficiency and effectiveness with the process. This expansion is an opportunity for a unique, vibrant, fun, sustainable and revenue-enhancing addition to the center of Claremont. The development of Village South will place one of our esteemed graduate institutions in the heart of the village, and it will provide the possibility for adaptive re-use of historical and architecturally significant structures. The success of the Packing House serves as an example of how repurposing such structures allows us to create an interesting and unique experience that honors the past, present and future of Claremont. Village South will be a wonderful place to live, work, study, shop, dine and enjoy the fullness of Claremont community.

Town & Gown Relationship

The Claremont Colleges are a critical facet of our community. Without the colleges, Claremont wouldn’t be Claremont. The city and the colleges have overcome strife in the past to enjoy a strong, mutually supportive relationship. A healthy future depends on a positive and productive relationship between the city and the individual colleges. Jennifer will work to revitalize a strong and healthy relationship that benefits both “town and gown.” Jennifer’s insight and experience has her poised to understand and improve this special and essential relationship.